White Paper Governments

By Nicolette Rankin, Founder & CEO of SharePay 


Summary: There is a direct link between the a government's ability to provide services and their ability to collect income tax.  This white paper makes the case why the United States should move to a monthly automated system to increase and protect it's ability to govern. 

This white paper discusses the benefits of an automated income sharing platform for governments and citizens. It includes incentive structures to opt in, recommendations to spur adoption, and makes the case for monthly income tax reconciliation, instead of yearly. The paper concludes that automated income sharing platform is needed for governments to protect future tax revenue in order to produce healthier and safer societies we need stable governments with predictable and automated tax revenue.


  1. Make it Easier For Citizens to Pay Taxes

  2. Replace Expensive and Antiquated Taxation Techniques

  3. Increase Government Spending Power

  4. Move to Monthly Reconciliation, Instead of Yearly 

  5. Providing Incentives to Adopt a New System

  6. stable governments produce healthier and safer societies  


White Paper: Governments Need Automated Income Sharing to Protect Tax Revenue

By Nicolette Rankin, Founder & CEO of SharePay 

Published August 22, 2018

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